Service That Fits your Business needs

Based on thousands of projects that are using Zent Technology and services, we have established three different service plans. Our plans offer you our best-in-class technology and professional services in a manner that exactly fits your business needs and demands.


Full Service

Value Service

Get & Scent

Premium end-to-end service Comprenhensive solution with ongoing on-site maintance The best value for money Complete support with personal service manager Plug and play, do it yourself. Enjoy our state of the art technology and manage your solution independently  
Zent Appliance Leased Leased Leased  
On Site Installation  
On Site Service  
Scent Design & Match  
Fragrance Oil Supply  
Personal Service Manager  
Technology Upgrade  
24/7 Support Line  
Appliance Warranty Unlimited Unlimited 1-year  

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